Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scott Lord: Op and Modern Art 1972; Video-optical art

Scott Lord

Scott Lord:Murder in the Moonlight


I've uploaded some great music using PodSnack and I thought you would like to listen it. Just click the link below:

Hope you'll like my playlist,
Scott Lord Sherlock Holmes

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PodSnack | Scott Lord:Murder in the Moonlight

PodSnack | Scott Lord:Murder in the Moonlight

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Scott Lord

Scott Lord

Scott Lord

Monday, November 28, 2011

Scott Lord Web Log

I really just wanted to download a template as practice and look at the html. I have other blogs I am writing that I'm more interested in, but anything is worth trying to learn creative things. Please visit my more literary blogs and feel invited to read my film criticism and the revisions of my new novel.

Scott Lord

1916 Tudor Overlooking the Ocean

We were talking this morning and apparently a 1916 Tudor that was once part of the Hammond Estate on Western Ave in Gloucester is advertised as being open to view by those who might be thinking of purchasing it.
We have a the Gold Cross Wind-chimes that we bought in Hammond Castle.
Quite often I think of the novel I read, The Memorial Hall Murder, because I pass through the Yard (Harvard University). There was actually a murder mystery written about Hammond Castle too!! posting
I had a movie projector when I lived on Cape Ann and felt like posting "The Old Mill". It particularly might be something I would screen on the adjacent property of Hammond Castle if I happenned to reside there.

Scott Lord

Friday, November 18, 2011

FIVE ALL NIGHT-Truly Great Entertainment

When I had my Super Eight projector, the Universal films were split into two channels. The Basil Rathbone Nigel Bruce, Warner Oland and Peter Lorre detective films were on an independent channel and the Universal Horror films were on one of the three network stations.

This intro to the film I remember and would have always wanted to have my own slot. Please enjoy this splice (ie. clip) of"my first professor", whose residence for his artistry was as host of classic horror film on the "late night double feature picture show" in Boston.

Scott Lord

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scott Lord The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes

Scott Lord Sherlock Holmes Fatal Hour

Scott Lord: Sherlock Holmes Murder At The Baskervilles

Scott Lord: Speckled Band

Scott Lord- Old Ironsides: Literary, Art-Silent Sherlock Holmes- Gothic Mystery on Film continued

Scott Lord

Scott Lord- Old Ironsides: Literary, Art Issue Number One

 I lack a regular poetry reading and when I saw that I could add my You Tube videos easily without downloading I thought that a daily film would be a beginning for an art-literary magazine. This was one of the first films that I bought in 1972, my screening room being a Keystone 8mm and white projection screen, my Magic Lantern, and a room called "the addition", which was off the original living room, its roof below my bedroom. Please enjoy Bram Stokers's Dracula and look for a scene in this copy where because of the editing, during a conversation with Van Helsing, a character vanishes while crossing the room. The only story I've thought of lately was a scenario where both Dracula and Van Helsing are dead and Sherlock Holmes begins a wild battle with Harker, who can move about freely among the living. Maybe he is travelling as himself under his being a student of vampirism, quietly without fame, but renown in the circles Van Helsing was, and Holmes has discovered that he leads a double life. I'm not really writing it yet.

Scott Lord

Scott Lord: Sherlock Holmes

Scott Lord Sherlock Holmes

Scott Lord Sherlock Holmes

Scott Lord Sherlock Holmes

Scott Lord Sherlock Holmes

Scott Lord: Sherlock Holmes-mystery without Rathbone

Scott Lord Mystery: Boris Karloff

Scott Lord: Boris Karloff Mystery

Scott Lord Mystery

Scott Lord Mystery: Bulldog Drummond Escapes